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Bearing Capacity Calculator

A Simple Excel sheet for calculating Bearing capacity as per Therzagis theory

This Excel sheet is devoloped by me and you can download the same from my GoogleDocs link


IS 800: 1984 in a nutshell


Dear readers of my knol, here is my 2nd venture to pack a code in few points, (ofcourse this has got more points than 456:2000.) , INDIAN STANDARD CODE OF PRACTICE FOR GENERAL CONSTRUCTION IN STEEL (First revision) is being revealed here.

STAAD Pro – An introduction

This is an introduction to STAAD software, which is a structural engineering software widely used for the design of multistoreyed buildings

STAAD Pro is a comprehensive structural engineering software that addresses all aspects of structural engineering including model devolopment, verification, analyis, design and review of results. It includes advanced dynamic analysis and push over analysis for wind load and earthquake load.

Structural Design Essentials(INDIA)

Collection of knols dealing with structural design

This is a collection of knols which deals with structural design of concrete and steel. Indian code has been followed through out, so the title INIDA. A result of my preparation for GATE entrance exam.
If any one get benefit from these, I am happy

What do you know about doubly reinforced section?

This knol is about the concept of doubly reinforced section in concrete

While studying reinforced concrete design, doubly reinforced sections are usually dealt with less care, so students are less aware about the underlying concept behind double reinforcement, most of the students understand this in a wrong way also. This knol try to tell the concept behind Doubly reinforced sections in a lucid manner


Some points in shear stress in concrete beams

Shear stress are a major stress that come on a concrete beam section, but students seems to give little importance to this, but actually more complex behaviour is shown by shear stress than flexural stress in a section, below are some points regarding shear stress distribution and simplyfying assumptions to make the life easier.

Reinforced concrete – Points you left

yes, the points you left in reinforced concrete design

This knol is a venture to remind you about some points while studying reinforced concrete design. This mainly deals with material properties and strength characteristics of RCC materials. This is exclusively for concrete. Hope you may find it useful.

IS 456:2000 for competitive exam

Main clauses in Indian standard code for plain and reinforced concrete for references in competive exams

Yes, every Indian civil engineer will be well versed with the IS456:2000, it should be. In any competitive exams in civil engineering subject there will be some questions from IS456:2000 regarding some clauses. This knol collects the main clauses that may be asked for such exams. I prepared this as a note while preparing for GATE exam. Hope this may helpful to you also. Please note that this note is not exhaustive, main points is only covered. You must read the code at least once and must be conversant in Concrete design as per IS456:2000. Some short forms i used was given at the end.
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A Type of Bridges which saves a lot of labour and money

Arch bridges are arch-shaped and have abutments at each end. The earliest known arch bridges were built by the Greeks. The weight of the bridge is thrust into the abutments at either side. Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is currently building the Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Crossing which is scheduled for completion in 2012. When completed, it will be the largest arch bridge in the world.

Delhi Metro Mishap a Case study

Reasoning of the accident caused in Delhi metro construction and a detailed study of project

This knol is a work done by Sanal P, My friend. He selected his seminar topic as an investigation on delhi metro mishap.This knol brings you into the details of reasons of failure reason of accident caused in te constuction time of delhi metro. This has also covered many general aspects of the giant project of Delhi metro. How it is emerged, executed, no. of phases etc.